GDS - Global Data Synchronization

Global Data Synchronization is an internet-based, interconnected network of data pools and a global registry that enables companies around the globe to exchange standardized and synchronized supply chain data with their trading partners.

GDSN assures that data exchanged between trading GXS - Call, choose Option is accurate andcompliant with universally supported standards.

Currently, there are three ways our partners may sync data with The Exchange:

  • Data pool – register with a data pool to publish item information.
  • CSV – use a file to send your item information to The Exchange data synchronization team (25 items or less).
  • Manual entry – manually input item information on the portal (25 items or less).
  • Once purchased items are synchronized, the new items will be submitted in the same manner after the proper procedures are taken by the supplier and buyer (i.e. new item set up form).

Please keep in mind that even if you choose to cleanse your item data manually/csv, you can in the future subscribe to a data pool and continue in that manner with new items.

Questions? Please visit Contact eBusiness where you will find departmental listings and an online form.