Diversity Training

Diversity is at the core of The Exchange culture.

The Exchange has grown over the last century with operations and associates in 49 states, 5 U.S. territories and more than 30 countries. As a result, we have become citizens of many worldwide communities.

This has made it very important for us to learn and understand cultural differences and value the unique contributions those different cultures contribute.

Education is the key to understanding. Many Exchange training courses are offered in foreign languages including: Bosnian / Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

  • The Potential is Yours
  • What Supervisors Need to Know about Disabilities
  • Mentoring
  • Arab Cultural Awareness
  • Iraq Culture Smart Card

The Government Online Learning Center,, supports the development of the Federal workforce. It provides simplified and one-stop access to high quality e-training products and services. The site is designed as a virtual campus that houses e-training courses and performance support tools. It has numerous courses on diversity. Listed below is a list of diversity related courses:


  • A Rich Tapestry of Cultural Contrasts (COMM0606)
  • Advance Business Communication: Effective Bus. Communication (45273)
  • Communication and Diversity Adoption (HR0146)
  • Corporate Culture an Diversity (HR0144)
  • Culture and Behavior (HR0142)
  • Diversity in the Workplace (HR0112)
  • Diversity: What Employees Should Know (47009)
  • Diversity: What Managers Should Know (47008)
  • Getting Past Clashes: Valuing Team Diversity (TEAM0213)
  • Inbound Call Centers: People Management (CUST0213)
  • Management Skills for the Diverse Work Force (HR0335)
  • Managing Diversity and Inclusiveness Simulation (HR0140)
  • Organizational Inclusion (HR0143)
  • Team Conflict: Working in Diversified Teams (42212)
  • Workplace Diversity (HR0141)